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The European think tank of our US partner Interknowlogy. Creative in creating connective experiences with specialty in Microsoft’s Hololens. We do not believe in keyboards and mice; we believe in NUI. We create Natural User Interface projects with an agile approach. Want to know more?


The device can project a hologram into a room and keep it locked in position – an essential feature its engeneers call “pinning”. Instead of the object moving relative to you, you can move around the object and view it from any angle. In the case of this holographic raptor, that means it’s easy to stay just beyond its scary reach.

Virtual Environments

Project HoloLens can simulate a physical space – like the surface of mars, complete with the Curiosity rover. Once inside the environment, scientists can interact with objects and overlay the space with virtual flags. For example: placing a flag in the distance could, theoretically, tell the real rover to go there and collect a soil sample.

Mixed Reality

The device scans your environment and builds a digital model in real time. Then, if you’re playing a game, a character from the game can frolic as a hologram around your living room. Project HoloLens not only knows the couch is there, it also sees that it’s made of leather – and is much cushier than, say, your wood floor.

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